Little Girl Tea Party and Birthday Ideas

You know that little girl birthday party you always wanted when you were little?  Well… This IS it! Maddie (four years old!) told me that she wanted to have a friend birthday party.  Her very first … [Read more...]

Our Favorite Lemon Frosting Recipe

We had a blast decorating this birthday cake.  We love putting ourselves out there and trying new things.  And being a little independent has a lot to do with it too.  How many of you make your own … [Read more...]

5 Pool Party Highlights

The birthday girl requested a pool party!  Perfect way to kick off this hot summer weather! With a big family and friends invited too, we went for the gusto and had approximately 25 kiddos in … [Read more...]

Simple details of a Flower Frog.

Our hearts MELT over these little Flower Frogs.  Not only is this little vintage gem UBER cute on its own, but Many times we've found its very functional too. Keeping a little flare in our … [Read more...]