Add character with unique, quirky items

 When decorating any space, adding character is one of the funnest parts! Gather or look around for those unique, quirky, or different items that can make a little statement. The best ones are … [Read more...]

Give the food pantry a fresh start

Organizing a food pantry may be necessary with each grocery trip, we usually do so to save ourselves time and keep our food rotated. Taking a glance, you can see we needed to go a step further and … [Read more...]

Cute Valentines gift for kids

Valentines day is a perfect time to show a little "sugar". Here's a simple diy valentines gift idea that is super cute, low cost and easy to do.  OH THESE LIDS!  We Love Them! These cute baby … [Read more...]

Embrace Your Space and Organize your Home

Hello!  Hello! Are you ready to organize your home, have it visually appealing and functional?  We are here to guide you and provide you with key tips and training to maximize your time, energy and … [Read more...]

Holiday Decorating Ideas

We are excited to share with you today some simple Holiday decorations that we created for a Handmade Holiday Event. These ideas incorporate a little bit of shabby chic and a vintage Christmas style. … [Read more...]

Photo Shoot Backdrop with an amazing video!

OH MY GOODNESS!  This video by, A Green Designs, captures our military inspired photo shoot backdrop perfectly! We were extremely moved and even a little teary eyed … [Read more...]

An Artsy Weekend – Handmade Holiday Event

LET'S WELCOME DECEMBER WITH OPEN ARMS! We are excited to personally invite you to this handmade holiday event. It's gonna be a fun day!  A day of creating and getting things done, before all the … [Read more...]

Little Girl Tea Party and Birthday Ideas

You know that little girl birthday party you always wanted when you were little?  Well… This IS it! Maddie (four years old!) told me that she wanted to have a friend birthday party.  Her very first … [Read more...]

iPad Mini Giveaway!

We hope all of you are enjoying this beautiful fall weather we've been having!  It seems like this time of year is the perfect time to find inspiration from others on decorating, fashion, recipes and … [Read more...]

10 marriage tips

I just celebrated my 10 year wedding anniversary!  (Wahoo!)  A lot of personal growth has come from being married.  10 years has flown by in almost a blink of an eye. This post has been on my heart … [Read more...]