Give the food pantry a fresh start

Organizing a food pantry may be necessary with each grocery trip, we usually do so to save ourselves time and keep our food rotated.

Taking a glance, you can see we needed to go a step further and give this food pantry a fresh start.

Wether your pantry is in tight quarters or not,  your family will love the simple updates and decorating you make to your pantry.  Mine sure did!

This food pantry needed a good wipe down, does yours?

Give your food pantry a fresh start, shared @cakefor2.comIn all honesty, a good wipe down was nice, but even more so, a fresh coat of paint did wonders!  Adding a pop of grey, gave it an inviting feel and I was super happy to make it something different.  By painting or a simple touch up gave this pantry a clean base, which is exactly what my goal was.

 Now that I’ve got a clean space, putting food will be easy and ultimately this will help me be inspired when prepping meals and even meal planning.

Give your food pantry a fresh start shared @cakefor2.comDoes your pantry need to be decluttered?  If so, you may find this post of 5 easy tips to organize a pantry, super helpful.

A few tips to consider when updating a food pantry.

~ Utilize and maximize the space

~ Add some fun into the pantry

~ Make it more functional

~ Highlight a kid friendly section

Be sure to click on over to our post 5 tips to Embrace your Space,  its a great source for inspiration and to get started.  This Pantry is an example of embracing your space and turning it into a space everyone will enjoy and take care of.  It truly made me happy to have a fresh, clean pantry.  And everyone else in the family loved it too.  Which of course, makes me even more HAPPY.

Stay tuned for more tips and favorite products that we used to pull this pantry together and focus more on some of the tips mentioned.


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