Cute Valentines gift for kids

Valentines day is a perfect time to show a little “sugar”.

Here’s a simple diy valentines gift idea that is super cute, low cost and easy to do. Baby Food Jar Project shared

OH THESE LIDS!  We Love Them!

Valentine gift for kids shared

These cute baby food jars have the cutest new lids, absolutely darling and fun for kids!

Once we scoped them out, we knew we needed to do something with them!

So Easy to do!


1.  empty baby food from the jars (6oz),

(we don’t have any babies in our household and was happy to offer them up to a mom nearby.)

2.  remove label and wash up the jar with some dish soap.

(we used a little razor blade to slightly scratch off the remaining adhesive)

3.  Before you set the sticker, screw the lid on the jar to face the front of the jar.

4.  once the sticker is applied, tack down a tiny dot on each side of the sticker. (we used a glue gun.)

Valentine embellishments used

Valentine DIY project shared

5.  fill jar with your favorite Valentines candies…  mmmm we are in love!

Valentine Project shared

6.  lastly, pull together any red, pink, white or black ribbon and tie around the top of jar.

Easy peesy!  Simple to pull together for a cute treat to give to the littles.

Valentine Project shared

enjoy your sweethearts!



  1. Those are so cute! My kiddos would totally love those! That just might be on the docket for valentines day at our house! :) Thanks for sharing!

    Find me here:
    Laura Muir

    • It’s fun to have a lot of love go into a simple gift, Especially, those little details that kids will notice. :)
      Thanks for sharing your site too!

  2. So cute! I made some Valentines out of the same jars for my little ones a few weeks ago! Great minds think alike ;)!

  3. Jennifer Gottfredson says:

    I decided to use this idea for valentines at my kids’ daycare. I’m excited to try it! This is the kind of food Brooklyn has been eating lately, so it’s perfect!

    • mindyandamber says:

      That’s perfect, especially since you already have the jars! It’s so easy and you can whip them out pretty fast.
      Love it!

  4. Kimberly Curnow says:

    This is SUCH A CUTE IDEA!!! LOVE IT! :)


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