Embrace Your Space and Organize your Home

Hello!  Hello!

Are you ready to organize your home, have it visually appealing and functional?  We are here to guide you and provide you with key tips and training to maximize your time, energy and space.  Welcome!


Get ready to organize your home.  



1.  Find beauty in your space

Identify what you love about your space, simplicity, solid foundation,  or unique characteristics.

2- Dedicate Time

You know your busy.  Taking time to plan or find ways to enjoy your space, makes the biggest difference.  The hard part sometimes is just getting started.  And you’ll be surprised at how quickly it may go by once you get started.

3- Be patient

It may not go the way you expected it to go.  Be patience with yourself and be okay to switch things around if things don’t quite look right or function the way you want.   Take a step back if you need to and take another shot at it.

4-Make use of what you already have.

What do you have now sitting around or elements in your home that you can pull together.  Don’t allow anything to get in your way…money, supplies, or even the size of your space.

5- Take a Chance!

Be willing to take a risk or two.  Once its all done, you will be excited to share it and show it off!  Put on a smile because it’s going to be amazing!

We can’t wait for you to be an encouragement and inspiration to others around you.




  1. There are a few spaces in my world that need some attention. I have a few plans, but it’s a case of too much stuff in not enough space. I think I need so weed some of the stuff out.

    • mindyandamber says:

      Too much stuff in a little space can be tricky. Simplifying is a good thing. We’d love to hear how it goes for you! xo!

  2. I needed this in my life today! However, I think I also need you guys to come do it all for me today too 😀 Thank you for this post!!

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