Holiday Decorating Ideas

We are excited to share with you today some simple Holiday decorations that we created for a Handmade Holiday Event.

Pink Christmas shared @cakefor2.comThese ideas incorporate a little bit of shabby chic and a vintage Christmas style.  Our inspiration started with the pink flower on the wreath we picked up at Michaels.  And we just ran with it.  Please feel welcome to incorporate these ideas with whatever color scheme you have going for your Holiday decorating.


Glitter ball wreath shared (Tip! for hot glueing foam)GLITTER BALL WREATH

  We started with a white foam wreath and adhered these sparkly glitter balls to.  Wanna know a little SECRET?  Have you ever heard of Foam hot glue sticks?   They work amazing and without melting the foam!  They are compatible with a low-temp glue gun.  Keep in mind, the foam glue sticks are a little different than just a regular low- temp glue stick, they are specific for FOAM.

We adore the painted banner plaque, from The Wood Connection, as the centerpiece.  Adding a vintage card with a little glitter really added character too!

Product list:  Banner Plaque / White Satin Ribbon /  Foam Glue Sticks / Low Temp Glue Gun / Mod Podge / White Acrylic Paint / Glitter Balls (You can also purchase at Michaels)

 Artificial Glitter Flower &  Foam Wreath – Purchased at Michaels

 Vintage Christmas Card – Purchased at an Antique Store.

Holiday decor shared @cakefor2.comWOOD NUMBERS

These 17″ numbers, from the Wood Connection, are bold and bring the anticipation of Christmas day excitement.

Product list: 17″ Wood Letters / White Primer /Gold Krylon Spray Paint  /White Satin Ribbon

Pink Christmas shared @cakefor2.comWISH BANNER

We love the word WISH to bring that magic in Christmas.  It’s a good versatile word and would be fun for an upcoming birthday too.

 Product List: Mod Podge  / White Gold Glitter / White Cardstock / Glitter Stickers

The Wood Connection: Banner Plaques

 Old book pages / Pink Cardstock – Had on hand

 Lace Ribbon – Purchased at an Antique Store.

Pink Christmas shared @cakefor2.comDOME DISPLAY

This is a fun way to gather a little assortment of items you may have on hand.

You may recall this post about using this charming flower frog, worth the read!

Product List: Glass Dome / Mini Skewers

Flower Frog / Cake plate / pearl hair pin / holiday card / bingo card – Purchased at a local antique store

Jewel embellishments – Had on hand

Glitter Acorns shared

 Were did we get our Acorns? At our local park!  The lids fell off the tree separately and it was super simple to hot glue the tops on and glue and glitter the bottoms.

Product list: Glue Gun / Mod Podge  / Gold Glitter

Simple (cheap) decoration ideas shared

Simple,(cheap) holiday decor shared @cakefor2.comCreate your own style of Christmas Village, shared

 Dollar Store finds: Silver Tray / Village Houses /Glitter Reindeer /Gold Bulbs

These darling houses were picked up at the local dollar store.  With a little primer and spray paint, we are excited for our little shabby chic village!

Marci over at Fallowfield Farms pulls together events that invites new friendships and inspires creativity.  We were thrilled at the opportunity to inspire the guests of ideas to easily coordinate and create christmas decor.  We loved getting some much needed girl time in and enjoyed spending the day creating!  Follow her at and be sure to stay tuned for her next Artsy Weekend.  You won’t be disappointed.


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