Little Girl Tea Party and Birthday Ideas

You know that little girl birthday party you always wanted when you were little?  Well… This IS it!

Maddie (four years old!) told me that she wanted to have a friend birthday party.  Her very first friend Party!  Yay!  For weeks she told me her very specific ideas.  So we sat down and made a list. Here were her requests.

1. Tea party!

2. Piñata

3. Party hats

4. Scooby-doo

Ok, so maybe you didn’t want scooby-doo in your party, but every girl has their favorite details.  I didn’t know how I was going to incorporate her Scooby-doo request, but I knew it would all come together.

4 year old birthday requests @cakefor2.comPlanning her party was so fun!  Just Darling!

First things up…Invitations!

I love to include pictures with invitations.

I decided that I wanted to take my own photo shoot with her.  Instead of waiting to capture her little personality on the day of her party (which can be stressful), I decided to take pictures of her the week before the party.  Once we got going, her little personality came out.  And with help from my husband who does the best goose honk and gets her to smile like there is no tomorrow, I called for him to come out and help.  It was the best!  What a great memory we had taking time to be with our little 4 year old.  She is growing up faster than we would like.  I loved how these pictures turned out and was able to include one of my favorites in her invitations.

Birthday Photo shoot

One thing I wanted to make sure of was to enjoy every second I had with just Maddie before her party started.  I took some time and sat with her and helped her fill the cute piñata that she picked out with candy. She was giggling the whole time as she was getting sooo excited to have all her friends be there with her. Since we had some time before they came we went and looked at all the ideas that had come to life. From past experience I have learned to grab your camera and take some time to take a few shoots of the moments before the party started and I am sure glad I did.

Have kids participate in prepping the party

I knew I wanted to incorporate a few pieces of vintage furniture.   And I knew just who to call… my friend over at 3 dotters Vintage Rentals!  She has a great selection of vintage furniture & odds and ends.  I had the privilege of working with her when planning a wedding this summer, you may remember some of her unique items from this post.  If you ever throw a party, need a photo shoot prop, wedding décor, or even want to bring a pinterest idea to life… She is the one to call!  

This vintage green dresser was perfect to display the food on.

Vintage rentals @cakefor2.comFor the food, it was nice to prepare something easy and semi-healthy.  Fruit was the perfect, colorful option.  I love our local sweet shoppe “The Sweet tooth Fairy” instead of taking some extra time to make my own chocolates, I decided to pick up some yummy cake pops.  For the main dish we made cute nutella sandwiches (Maddies favorite), cut down to size and added a peek through cut out heart center, wrapped in a darling lace doily and tied with the popular bakers twine.  And it was all pulled together with some cute vintage dishes.

  I rented this adorable pink table and the cutest vintage tea set. I didn’t stop there and added a cute lace table cloth (made from old curtains) all from 3dotters of course.

Adding a cute pink tea pot and yummy strawberry suckers was the perfect centerpiece to the table.

Tea Party details  When planning a party, I think its important to recruit some help and involve others in the party.  For example, below is a picture of most of the girls together and thats because of my sweet friend being willing to come and take pictures at the party.  I knew I’d be involved and my focus wouldn’t be on taking pictures.  I have some amazing friends and they were totally willing to help me out and I’m super glad they did.  It was enjoyable to have them there to indulge in these cute little girls!

It was even suggested that us moms need a “big girl” tea party!  How fun would THAT be?!

These girls were just darling.  They were naturals!  They were delicate and well mannered.  They were dainty in how they held their teacups and us moms couldn’t get enough of how cute they all were!

4 year old tea party

We applied some simple eyeshadow, lip gloss and blush, and they loved it!  They picked out their own set of high heels and had a blast walking around.  They felt so grown up. The idea of each of the girls dressing up and bringing their favorite dolls added to the girliness and it was fun watching them play.

Dress up station at Tea Party @cakefor2.comAnd of course, each girl needs something to take home – I decided to have a spot for the girls to come shop some cute little prizes & treats to take home.

With some simple on hand polka dot bags it was an al a cart, free for all! Including a Scooby -doo pop rocks that Maddie loved. Perfect little party favor.

Party favors at Birthday shared“Never get tired of doing the little things for others, sometimes those little things occupy the biggest part of their hearts.” -unknown

Maddie had her dream party, it was so special for her. She enjoyed her quant little party and it was a true success for Maddie.

I hope your wish comes true Madi Girl!

Birthday cake shared




  1. Ok. I love love love this!! My favorite part? The shoes. Seriously. What a blast! Great job!!

  2. GeriErickson says:

    All I can say is, WOW! You are such an inspiration Mindy, everything looked fabulous I love your style! I had not thought of letting the kids fill their own favor bags, great idea!

  3. I’m dying over how cute your little girl AND the party are! Love all these ideas… make-up and high heels, who wouldn’t feel grown up? So adorable.

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