5 easy tips to organize a pantry

Today we are excited to share some basic details on how to declutter and organize a pantry.

SO Join us! and Embrace your space and love what you have now!

Organize your pantry @cakefor2.comLet’s get to it.


Decide what you’d like your space to be utilized for.

The main goal for this pantry was to utilize it as a weekly rotation and an easy grab for those often used items.  Now the pantry will assist with weekly meal planning.

Want to hear a big tip??  wait for it…


This pantry was used as the same purpose as the storage room and not complimenting each other.

Most commonly we have items misplaced, that make more sense to be stored in another location. Assess which areas coincide with that area.


Organize your pantry @Cakefor2.com

The best way to fully take a look at what you have, is to completely empty out the space.

We don’t suggest trying to maximize your space with items still in it.

Recruit a friend or your kids.  An extra hand is nice when completely emptying out your space.


organize your pantry@Cakefor2.com

Separate all like items into categories.

Pick out items that are hogging up space that can possibly be moved to a different location.

(i.e.  crockpot, rice cooker, washcloths and placemats.)

Purge items you won’t use or don’t like.

Ask yourself these questions:

“How often do I use these items or rotate through them?”

“Are the items old?”

Are they expired?

“Are they broken?”

“Do I like these items?”

“Do I use these items?”

Donate, sell or throw them away.


Combine and condense any duplicates.

A great way to condense in small spaces is to combine items and even get rid of packaging.

Organize your pantry @Cakefor2.com

We liked this concept of just simply taping the directions right on the container itself.

You may have some containers, shelves or jars already at home, if not, shop around for items that may work best in your space.

Here’s some of our suggestions.  (link in new pantry post)


Place items as they make sense for use.  For example, expired in front, or lighter items on top.

Size of containers may have a play in where items should be placed.

We choose to put like items together.  A simple, uniform look so items are an easy reach.

Lastly, a few bonus tips…

a.  Be okay to switch things around if they don’t make sense or if its not quite maximizing your space.

b.  Be cautious of old habits of not putting things away or not purging often.

c.  Set rules for yourself and share that with your family so you are all on the same page.

d.  Labeling your containers with a Label Maker.

Now… What’s for dinner!?


  1. I love this! I was just looking at my pantry in disgust yesterday trying to figure out the best way to organize it. Thank you for the great ideas, especially the baskets at the bottom, which never gets used expect for the left over pots and pans in my case. Brilliant idea!

    • mindyandamber says:

      Yay Jolynne! That makes me so happy! Those baskets are super convenient. I got them just at Wal-mart! They had some cute chicken wire ones too that I almost got, but these ones seemed a little more sturdy. Hope you get to enjoy your pantry really soon. :) hugs!

  2. My pantry unfortunately is very unorganized. I really need to get it into shape. I love the idea of taping the directions onto a reusable container!

  3. Talk about Spring Cleaning :)

  4. Oh my goodness I need to do this in my house! What a difference it would make!Great tips!

  5. Love this! Organizing is my happy place! lol

  6. Sad to say that my house has no pantry but I could definitely do this to what few cabinets I have.

    • mindyandamber says:

      Jennifer, my home is full of small spaces and I have very few cabinets as well. I know feel very grateful for my peek a boo pantry. haha. Step #1 will definitely be helpful for you, to analyze the areas you do have and access what will best maximize your space. :) Good luck!

  7. Great idea that you took the everything out of the pantry and started over. Best way to get organized for sure.

  8. Purging is always the hardest part for me. I love your after pictures… make all the work worth it! And makes me want to start organizing my pantry and baking supplies tomorrow!

  9. I recently reorganized my pantry, however I wish I would have read this first. I love the way you did it step by step. Your pantry looks great!

  10. Love this list of suggestions. I like the new look too.

  11. If I could only have you come and organize my pantry! Those are good tips, not just in the kitchen, but in other areas of the home, too. Thanks for sharing.

    • mindyandamber says:

      Lynda :) , Yay! That was really what we were hoping to inspire. These tips will help in organizing all sorts of areas in the home.

  12. Oh my word. I need to go to Hobby Lobby and the Container store NOW! You really should see my pantry! LOL. It is a disaster!

  13. That’s the method I like to use to really get the job where you empty everything out and start with a blank slate.

  14. You did a great job! But you know, you make it look SO easy!! ;)

  15. Love this! I have never been to the container store but now I have to go!

  16. I completely agree with taking everything out. I think that you are much more careful about what you put back in. I always try to tell my husband this but he doesn’t listen.

  17. I just did this last week…well maybe mine doesn’t look as nice. haha Maybe I’ll redo it now that ya’ll have provided me with more inspiration!
    Thanks for sharing!

  18. I love the idea and would like to do it to my pantry but husband always says – you’re going to take the time to take the boxes out and put them in containers? It doesn’t make sense to him and he’s right it takes time. Is there another benefit to it being organized and pretty for me? I need ammunition please!

    • There were a lot of packaging that didn’t fit the height of my shelves. It was taking up space on the shelf itself and I found I had left over space above those packages. So for me, finding containers that were uniform and maximize my space without the random shape packages stacked on top of each other was ideal.
      Another tip, I didn’t need to keep a whole bag of flour or sugar in my pantry at all times. Having a container for some of those bulk items helps eliminate clutter. I found this with my half empty box of popcorn and my box of graham crackers too, it made more sense to combine these random items to be in one central tray. Good luck! Hopefully, this helps with the ammo you needed ;)

  19. Looks really good and oh my word! I would never leave that store!

  20. Great tips! I’ve been organizing my kitchen for the past three days. I love the way the glass storage containers look and like the fact that I can find what I’m looking for in a glance.

  21. y’all did a great job of organizing that pantry. Good tips.

  22. I love this! What great tips. I am always re-organizing spaces! It nice to know of the different methods that work because I often find my method not working anymore, so I organize and a week later it’s a mess again!

    • The key to keeping it organized is designating a spot for items in that space. Identify which shelf or container will be used for those items. Creating labels is helpful.
      Get your family on board of your system.
      Remember its okay to move things around until you figure out your best system. So after using your system for a week and it doesn’t make sense. You may find its a mess, readjust your system accordingly. Know that it is common to get busy and just put things away randomly and that happens too. Its okay! Create good habits and remember to put things where you designated them to go. :)

  23. WOW!! You two are dynamic. Love this!! Thanks for all the guidance. PLEASE keep stuff a coming.


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    5 easy tips to organize a pantry

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