How to build a sandbox! Love those Sandy Toes!

With our little cupcakes running around this summer, a sandpit is the perfect addition to any back yard, especially for my little 3 year old.  We often found her running off into our neighbors yard to play in their sandbox.  She LOVES to play in the sand. (I’d like to think she’s a beach babe at heart!) With the extra space in our yard and some guidance from some sweet neighbors, we were inspired to build our own and anxious to enjoy our staycation this summer!

How to build a sandbox with @cakefor2.comSo here’s the gist on how we build ours.

 Decide on Location:

At the backend of our yard, there’s a large area that has been taken over by weeds, rocks and there are no sprinklers.

This of course deemed the perfect location for us.  It’s been a little headache area since we’ve lived here.

How to build a sandbox with @cakefor2.comPrep Digging:

My buff, handsome hubby eagerly helped me with our sandbox… I highly recommend getting a pair of muscles to help get this project done!

Cleaning up those nasty weeds was a must and we were anxious to dig in. (pun intended!) So excited to make this space resourceful!

With this feisty ground, it was super helpful to put a sprinkler on the dirt area to soften up the dirt ahead of time.

This spray marker and stakes are perfect to line out just where you want the sandbox.

How to build a sandbox with

Few pointers that we thought helped a ton when digging was:

1. We used the marker spray to show us just where the sandbox would be, however, we actually dug around the marker spray to assure plenty of working area to place the blocks and give us the room we needed to work. (see below pic)

2. We dug deeper in the center to give more space for playing in the sand and assure kids not reaching the weed blocker at the bottom.

3.  Use a round shovel to dig.  Not a square shovel.

How to build a sandbox with @cakefor2.comJust a quick review on the blocks and stones we chose to create our sandbox with.  We chose to go with cinder blocks as the base wall.  For the designed pattern on top of the cinderblocks, we chose a basic 4×8 light grey and an 8×8 dark grey stone.  I was happy to find these at a local concrete company, called Lehi Block.  They specialize in outdoor hardscapes.  They had a great clearance section on the cinder blocks and more options for the stones.

Create a Platform For The Blocks:

This stage was ideal to figure out the pattern as well as create a platform that the blocks would potentially rest on.  We did this prior to laying out the weed blocker, simply just to make sure that all the blocks would fit evenly and gave us the overall idea of what it would all look like.

How to build a sandbox with

Weed Blocker:

We simply removed all the blocks, so we could next roll out the weed blocker. We did seal the lining in the middle as well to prevent any weeds going in between the lining.

How to build a sandbox with

Building Blocks

Adhere blocks together using this high pressure duct, called MEI.

How to build a sandbox with

As you squeeze out the glue with the caulk gun it is very difficult to get a little bit out at a time.  Apply glue on the corners and center of the block to assure a tight seal.

How to build a sandbox with

Make sure the blocks are level, one by one.

Fill each cinder block with dirt prior to adhering the top stones, to create a stable wall.

Adhere stones on top of blocks to create a finished look.

How to build a sandbox with

Sand. Sand. Sand.  Pour it all in!  Of course the most important supply!

We got our sand from a local rock quarry, (Geneva Rock) It is a washed masonry sand that was only $20 per load, which is cheap!

How to build a sandbox with @cakefor2.comNow the Fun part!

Sand TOYS:

Grab your favorite outdoor toys and a few old kitchen utensils and let the kids have at it!  I look forward to finding new toys to introduce to our sandbox as we go.  And I’m quite alright with cheap toys that okay to get dirty and leave out in the weather.  I’ll be keeping my eye out at upcoming yard sales, discount bins, and local thrift stores.

How to build a sandbox with

Our family is happy about our upcoming Sandy Toes Summer!


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