DVD Storage Solution

We are ready to offer you an easy storage solution to maximize your space and a little saved headache in keeping track of ALL your movies.

DVD storage at cakefor2.com

DVD’s can quickly become an eyesore in the most relaxing spaces.  Often times it can be a pain alphabetizing those bulky cases time after time.

And its especially the pits when movies are staggered to accommodate the multiple TV’s in your home.

Movie Storage solution at cakefor2.com

We love these basic,Color coded 96 Disc White
These cases are a great solution to keep your DVD’s in a compact location.  Easy to pick movies at a glance, move from room to room, or pack for the car ride.

Label the DVD storage cases at cakefor2.com

One of our favorite tools we used for this project was an Easy Label Maker
On the outside of each section of the storage case, label them with such categories, or what makes sense for your movies.

Comedy / Disney / Action / Girly / Childs Name / etc.

And, For those times that the disc doesn’t make it back into the labeled section…

A great organizing idea for your DVD's

Here’s an organizing idea to creating a “home” for each movie.

This will make it easy to see exactly which movies are missing.

Pull out your easy label maker and let’s create a place for every movie you own inside each section!

Just like this.

organize your movies at cakefor2.com

Are you excited to have your home and your closet space back?  Just think of the decorating you could do on those shelves or walls that have been taken over.  Or the closet space that you’ve been stashing them in.  We could sure use an extra closet ourselves.

Wanna know what to do with all those empty cases? … Recycle Or Upcycle these bad boys!  (more details HERE.)

Comment on this post and let us know your success story of organizing your DVD’s and if you were inspired by Cakefor2.






  1. Love this idea…and I SO need a lesson on DVD organization!

    • mindyandamber says:

      Yay! Let us know if you have any questions or need some more ideas.
      Do you have a room full like we did?

  2. How Many dvds will this idea hold? Im looking for something that could potentialky hold up to 1000 or more dvds.

    • mindyandamber says:

      Lori, we are not quite sure how we missed your comment all this time, we apologize! Thank you for visiting our site. We love these dvd cases, they do hold 96 dvd’s, so for you it would be the perfect solution to condense space! Of course, you would need to have about 10 cases. If 10 cases is too much at once, start off with a few and begin the process. That’s what we did. We’d love to hear your progress!

  3. I would also love to know where you purchased the cases. :)

  4. How can i get the dvd storage solution and how much is it?

  5. I bought 16 of these cubes with a total storage capacity of 1536 discs. I’ve made a Excel doc to keep track of my movies, games etc and thrown away all the cases.

    It’s saved so much room we can fit the whole lot on 2 Billy bookshelves from Ikea instead of a room full of clutter. I got mine from Amazon for $17 per cube and love them.

  6. They are also at Amazon, where I got mine :)

  7. Do you have a link for these storage cubes?
    I live in Australia and have been searching online all night for a storage solution i like for my hundreds of dvds haha. i love this one the most, i havent been able to find them yet.

    • Actually I think I might have found it, but Target don’t deliver overseas by the looks of it. So I will see if I can find any on ebay or something


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